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So you say you’re looking for some tips? A nickel’s worth of free advice? Maybe a little of the magic formula that will help boost your day, tackle a tough assignment or manage a difficult employee?

Well, you’ve come to the right spot! Grab a cup o’ coffee, your favorite pair of readers and scroll, click and tap to your leadership heart’s desire.

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Chris DoyleI hope you'll celebrate with me, and share my message that personal growth, achievement and hope for maximum success is a story we all have the power to tell. #leadership #changeyourlife #supporteachother days ago
Chris DoyleUp, up, and away! I’m excited to announce the launch of The Superhero Club ( – the only blended-learning, leadership skills improvement site developed by an Executive Coach. #leadership #investinyou #superhero #motivation4 weeks ago
Chris Doyle@MileHighReport Broncos Country after yesterday's loss to Green Bay...except we're on loss 3. months ago
Chris Doyle@johnelway @johnelway The consummate leader and professional in your demonstration of concern for your colleagues, employees and community. Thank you for your example!2 years ago
Chris DoyleLast year I got the @littlebigtown signed guitar and this year I got the @KeithUrban signed guitar supporting the @JacksonSymphony!2 years ago
Chris DoyleStop motivating and start listening: 8 principles for #leadership success in 2017. @Forbes years ago
Chris DoyleGet these 5 basic qualities of #leadership right, and you'll find success. @stratandbiz years ago
Chris DoyleShow interest, watch body language, and 8 other ways to build effective conversational #leadership, via @Inc: years ago
Chris DoyleChange can be scary. Embrace the fear and shift your #mindset to achieve everything you want. @SUCCESSMagazine years ago
Chris DoyleConsidering #LeadershipDevelopment initiatives? Here's a formula for predicting ROI years ago
Chris DoyleAwesome read inside: 10 lessons for generous #Leadership from @GraniteTelecom CEO Rob Hale: years ago
Chris DoyleIt's true: being a #leader isn't easy. Don't worry though! 5 habits to build for success, via @Inc years ago
Chris Doyle#Leadership isn't the same anymore. @Forbes with 5 key values today's #leaders need to remember: years ago
Chris DoyleUpdating your #LeadershipDevelopment strategy? Avoid this fatal flaw w/ advice from @B2Community: years ago
Chris DoyleThere's more to #leadership than strategy. Shift your focus towards #CompanyCulture and thrive w/ advice from @Inc: years ago

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